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Cast & Crew


Bong Joon-ho




Kim Hye-Ja


Film Poster



"AN ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL FILM. Some of the best movie surprises I've seen in years. THIS IS FILMMAKING OF A HIGH ORDER."

— Joe Morgenstern, Wall St. Journal

"THRILLING. BREATHTAKING. A MUST-SEE MARVEL. Bong Joon-Ho is one of the coolest international cinema artists working today and his ability to play one tone against another is like the talent of a great jazz master. GRADE A."

— Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"BY MILES THE BEST THRILLER I'VE SEEN THIS YEAR. Riveting and darkly funny. Bong Joon-Ho is a brilliant filmmaker and dazzling crowd pleaser. HE'S THE BEST FILMMAKER TO HAVE EMERGED IN THE NEW MILLENIUM."

— John Powers, VOGUE

"A GREAT FILM. A remarkable, full-blooded, constantly inventive movie that enthralls, entertains, horrifies and NEVER LETS GO ITS GRIP."

— Shawn Levy, The Oregonian

"A MASTERPIECE. You really should see this movie."

— Paul Constant, The Stranger

"∗∗∗∗ RED HOT. With 'Mother', you get it all: sex, cops, suspense, family melodrama, multiple homicides, comedy, acupuncture and heaping helpings of poetic injustice."

— Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star-Ledger

""FASCINATING. A pleasure for the mind."

— Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


— Kevin Thomas, LA Times

"SUBLIME. You never know where 'Mother' is going to go next. ALL YOU KNOW IS THAT YOU'RE IN THE HANDS OF A MASTER."

— Ty Burr, Boston Globe

"A FIGMENT OF SAVAGE POWER AND DELIGHT. Bong Joon-Ho"s finest work yet."

— Peter Keough, Boston Phoenix


— Amy Biancolli, SF Chronicle

"A gorgeously creepy mystery."

— Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

"So much to relish and remember."

— Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

"ONE OF THE YEAR'S MOVIEGOING MUSTS. An impeccably realized murder mystery. A combination of dazzling cinematic craft, psychological insight and black humor."

— Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

"The hard-pounding heart of 'Mother', Ms. Kim is a wonderment."

— Manohla Dargis, NY Times


Hye-ja is a single mom to 27-year-old Do-joon. Her son is her raison d’être. Though an adult in years, Do-joon is naïve and dependent on his mother, and a constant source of anxiety, often behaving in ways that are foolish or simply dangerous. Walking home alone one night down a nearly empty city street, he encounters a young girl who he follows for a while before she disappears into a dark alley. The next morning, she is found dead in an abandoned building and Do-joon is accused of her murder. Thanks to an inefficient lawyer and an apathetic police force, Do-joon’s case is quickly closed, but his mother refuses to let this be the end of the story. Trusting no one, Hye-ja’s maternal instincts kick into overdrive, and she sets out to find the girl’s killer and prove her son’s innocence.